I became a member of the Sighthound Club of Germany (DWZRV) in 1968 at the age of 24, soon after I had met with the breeder of the " von Katwiga"- Afghans, Mrs. Erika Rödde. So my first sighthound was naturally an Afghan Hound. The next 15 years I got "educated" in training, handling and showing dogs. I visited numerous shows in Europe and was later strongly involved in the breeding programme of this kennel. A long lasting friendship was the result of our working together. This education on hands of 'von Katwiga' Afghan Hounds gave me a an extensive knowledge and insight of what Erika Rödde was striving for in her breeding program.

By that time I owned three Afghans, amongst them Multi Champion and World Winner 1972 - Haboob von Katwiga - who is up until today still one of the most successful sires in the German Afghan history. Kyros von Katwiga ,Weltjugendsieger, Bundesjugendsieger and Winner of the H. Jüngeling trophee, before he went back to Erika. After Haboob, the most successfull Afghan was Yaboon von Katwiga, Multi Ch. and BIS all breed Winner.

In 1978 I got my judging license for Afghans, in 1979 also for Salukis, 1986 I became a specialist for Irish Wolfhounds and Deerhounds and became in the meantime an FCI group judge for sighthounds and a judge for the Mediterranean breeds of group 5.

Next to showing and judging activities I am also a member of our local Sighthound Club and organizer of several breed-workshops and meetings. I have held up presentations about the anatomy of dogs and gave explanatory comments on breed standards. In 1989 I became elected Chairman of the German Sighthound Judges in the DWZRV. A very important part of my work was the education of the new judges and to keep contact between the Board of our Sighthound Club and the Judges. From 2007 till 2013 I was elected president of the German sighthound Club, DWZRV and put all my influence to our prestigious sighthound show in Donaueschingen.

I hope to be able to provide the congress an interesting trip through the history of this Germany based 'pioneer' kennel, but with strong influences all over Europe and further abroad.