I got my first Afghan Hound, from the shelter, when I was 20 years old. I fell head over heels in love with the breed, wanted to know everything about it. This eager resulted in my judging licenses for all Sighthounds, Half Sighthounds and Tibet breeds.
Judging brought me to many beautiful countries, special shows but most of all, the possibility to have my hands on many great Afghan Hounds.

After selling my sport school, it was time for a new chapter in our Afghan Hound love story, our first Afghan Hound litter, under the prefix Popovs, was born in 1997. We're a small family kennel with just 13 litters so far. I really feel that the years of judging and closely observing breeders around the world, made a huge impact on our breeding.

In so many ways the Afghan Hound is truly special, the face is one of them everyone will agree on. Noticing the Afghan Hound face has never been a subject during the previous congress, made me wonder, isn't it time to face the face.