I became aware of Afghan hounds in 1972 and decided that I would have one sometime.

This was the time when Afghan hounds were enormously popular and seen in great numbers. After looking around, I found the dog of my heart in a one off litter in Wollongong. Due to Parvovirus circumstances however, we came home with "two for the price of one"; bitches...one black and tan...my preferred colour even now, and her sister a B/M gold. Life would not be the same without having had this girl in my life.

Rellisa Black Night (Sabi) was her name and as the foundation of my kennel Tadjik (1973), she was the matriarch of what has followed. Her achievements in both the ring and the whelping box have been unique. My first litter was in 1974 from her and champion dog Raushan Jamil; famous but sparingly used at stud.

From this beginning, Tadjik became Doyen in 1977, and has continued to breed quality Afghan hounds sparingly. We have accounted for six Specialty wins, with five different dogs, and two opposite sex in Specialty shows with two different bitches .Afghan hounds bred by others using the combinations from progeny of the Doyen bitches have been exported with great success, in both UK and USA.

We have imported two dogs and a bitch from the UK all with similar lines and family resemblance; Karnak Cassia Mirzabad Stanley (Luca) and lastly Jahadi Esprit...later Champion...in 2006. The dogs we have now are all related closely to Luca...Esprit...and all have the qualities which we admired in the line from which Luca came. Family related Afghan hounds are winning well in the UK...and the look is unmistakable.

My passion is the Afghan hound...my commitment is to the preservation of the hound...true in structure and fit for purpose...and to continue to learn from those who know the breed every breed country; to this end I have attended most Afghan hound World Congress events being on the organising committee for 2000 and speaking on the possibility of the formation of an International Confederation of Afghan Hound Fanciers...ICAHF...although thought to be a worthwhile...like other good ideas this one withered on the vine!

We are committed to preserving the Hound in Afghan by adhering to the standard which describes a strong functional hound of grace, beauty, elegance, and strength. His movement should be effortless, ground covering with no wasted bouncing up and down, giving the impression of speed and power in an energy conserving manner showing his ability to hunt all day if required.