Who is the NVOW

The Dutch Association for Afghan Hounds and other Oriental sighthounds (short name NVOW, coming from their first established club name), is a country wide breed club with over 250 members.
The club was established in 1935 for three breeds, i.e. the Afghan Hound, the Saluki and the Sloughi, but represents at this moment in time the Afghan Hound, Saluki, Sloughi, Azawakh, Pharaohound, Cirneco déll Etna, Podenco Ibicenco, Galgo Español, Chart Polski and the Podengo Português.
Most of the breeds are situated in FCI Group 10, the sighthounds. Major breeds within the Association are the Afghan Hound and Saluki. The other breeds are less large in numbers. One could say that the NVOW is a breed club with a collection of mainly (rare) Oriental, North African and West Mediterranean area sighthounds.

NVOW's mission is to encourage the hobby of responsible breeding of true-bred dogs in general and of their club breeds specifically. The club also aims bringing together breeders and fanciers of these beautiful breeds. The mission should be accomplished by organizing a series of events and activities going from the annual champion club show and publishing articles to exterior- and fieldwork days.

Secretary NVOW
De Heiberg 6
4721 SJ Schijf
The Netherlands