My husband Alan and I have owned Afghan Hounds since 1970, our first being a bitch from the Jagai Kennels. We showed sparingly until the mid 80s, when we purchased a bitch from the Amudarya lines. We showed her with some success and she produced the first Wilbus champion.

During the same period, we bought in a bitch from vDOM and Pasharif lines that became the foundation of our present lines. She produced Champion Wilbus Hanukah JW, a bitch known for her outstanding movement, a point that we have been keen to maintain in our stock.

In 1986 we purchased a puppy dog from vDOM and Khanabad lines. He subsequently became Champion Jahadi Bosch at Wilbus JW.

Hanukah produced numerous RCC winners including Wilbus Kismet JW, and a multiple CC winning dog, Champion Wilbus Kharjeem of Phinjani JW.

Kismet produced three champions in a litter by UK & Irish Champion Karaburan Jelly Roll Morton including our own Champion Wilbus Libretto. Although sparingly used, we were extremely proud that he was Top UK Afghan Stud Dog 2005 and 2006. He is behind many of today's top winners.

We have bred infrequently over the years, our last litter being eleven years ago. We have bred multiple champions and RCC winners and have campaigned several others to their UK titles. Those who know the UK system will know this is not easy to achieve. We have been careful to maintain what we consider to be the important attributes and characteristics of the Afghan Hound and have had no interest in breeding to extremes. What we have now strongly resembles Afghans that we owned and bred many decades ago.

I have been judging since 1981, and at championship show level since 1991, and have enjoyed many overseas appointments. I had the honour of judging Afghan Hound Dogs at Crufts in 2009.
I am the Secretary of The Southern Afghan Club, a post that I have held for 27 years, and I am also President of a general canine society.

At the moment we are showing our 'swan song' having reached a time when travelling at ridiculous hours, coupled with the energy that goes into showing, has finally caught up with us. Champion Syrdarya Malted Milk at Wilbus JW, who comes down on two lines from Libretto, has fourteen CCs and thirteen RCCs to date, including a CC at Crufts. Although sparingly shown, she continues to give us pleasure both inside and outside of the ring.



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