40 years ago, as a student of veterinary medicine, I got my first sighthound, an Afghan Hound female called ”Saika” whose grandmother was from Kabul. Typewise she looked like the Bell Murray Afghan Hounds and she was the begin of my interest in oriental sighthounds, especially native Afghan Tazis and related breeds. At that time, I began to read about the first Afghan Hounds that came to England, to collect pictures of Afghan Tazis that had been imported direct from Afghanistan and dreamt of travelling to their country of origin. But the war in Afghanistan made this impossible until today.

In 1991 a desert type Afghan Hound (Kalagh Tazi), joined my life. ”Kamal”, a female, was bred in the Registan kennels in Switzerland by Danuta Spaeth-Thomaszewska, the grand lady of the Kalagh Tazis.
She was a wonderful dog and lived to the age of 17 years and 9 months old.

After the USSR broke apart, a breed caught my eyes whose name most people in the west had never heard before: the Taigan, the sighthound of Kyrgyzstan! I read some articles by Jan Scotland, Peter Sander and Wolfgang Regar who had visited Kyrgyzstan and began research in the internet. I was fascinated by their pictures and stories and had the impression that the Taigan resembles the Afghan Hound of old days a lot.
I sucked in every information I could get about this breed and thought this would also be a dog for me.

So, when my Kalagh Tazi ”Kamal” died and no desert type Afghan Hound puppy was available, a friend helped me to find my new dog: the Taigan bitch ”Taalai”!

And now, about forty years after I fell in love with those native Tazi type dogs, an old dream came true: to see my breed in the country of origin! Three journeys brought me to different parts of Kyrgyzstan.
I saw many Taigans and could talk to owners and breeders. So, please follow me to the land of the Taigan.