Jaime is a breeder owner handler of Afghans Hounds since 1975. Over these years he has had the opportunity to produce more than 100 champions under the Dega Afghans and Chaman & Dega prefixes. As a breeder owner he has handled his Afghans all the way to win more than 80 BIS, not only in Peru but other countries as well.
The gene pool used in his breeding program allowed him to produce, in six generations of home bred dogs, champions in a dozen countries along the American continent, from USA to Argentina. Many of these Champions became Group and BIS Winners at national and international level.
As a breeder owner he had the honour to achieve memorable accomplishments, winning in Peru, several times the Trophies to Best Breeder of the Year and Best Dog of the Year.
Internationally, his Afghans have won multiple Best of Breed and Groups at FCI World Shows, multiple BOW at important Specialties in USA, three times Best Bred By at a AHCA National Specialties, OH Best of Breed and Award of Merit at 2016 AHCA National. Specialty and Award of Merit at Westminster K.C. He was part of the panel at the First Afghan Hound World Congress held in 1995 at San Diego, California.

Jaime attained his first FCI license to judge Afghan Hounds in 1995, and All Breeds in 2002. After this he had the honour to judge Specialties and or All Breed shows in USA, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Sweden, Spain, France, Russia, Japan, India, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Japan etc.
Doing so he has had the privilege of judging some important Afghan National Specialties in countries like Australia, Estonia, Canada, Sweden, Russia, Argentina and France, also the USA regional specialties of different breeds in several states.
Jaime is Past President and Lifetime member of the Kennel Club Peruano and, as breeder owner handler for more than 40 years, promote his owner handler seminars amongst different countries.

Afghan Hounds are spread all over the world. In certain parts there is a lot of information and knowledge available but for other parts this is not always very obvious. It is nevertheless very interesting to learn more about what's happening with the breed in the more remote countries. Jaime Ganoza from Peru and involved in Afghan Hounds for many years will inform us about the breed in Latino América which includes South - and Middle America and Mexico.