Although I fancy some other sighthound breeds as well, the motto 'once Afghan Hound, always Afghan Hound' has -until now- continued to take its place in my life.

I saw my first Afghan at the age of 5; platin colour with a dark black muzzle, a magnificent dog. Later, when I was 12 years old, I met the breed again at a neighbour who, during holidays, took care of two cream coloured males, belonging to her son. Every time she had them, I immediately was there and joined when she was walking the dogs. My wish to have such a dog of my own was born but it took, due to various circumstances, quite a while to become reality.

That was in 1981 when I was living in wonderful Vienna/Austria. Whilst busy with riding (dressage) I decided that it was time to have an Afghan Hound. Quite green in dog knowledge but with my experienced 'horse eye', I acquired a 6 month old male, gold with black mask, Aguschaja's Aladin Sane, who became later multi champion. It was really a great pick! Father was from Coastwind, bred by Richard Souza and the mother came from the German 'Pachacumac' kennel of Mrs. Ursula Schulze. That was the start of everything but really all and everything.

Not well aware of what the Afghan Hound world was, we started without any influence and went to shows, races and coursing throughout Europe and celebrated many nice successes.

On the organizational side: I was editor of the Austrian club magazine and chaired a racing club for a couple of years. After returning to Germany, I organized a series of very popular annual Afghan Hound (weekend) meetings and organized sighthound shows.

I had several bitches from various well known lines; all became champion and was co-breeder at the 'Wind Against' and 'El Schammar' kennels. Still very much involved in the breed, I have an 11 year old bitch and a 2� year old dog at the moment and no doubt that all of my dogs were a great enrichment for me.

It is a pleasure that after having been at the congresses in San Diego/USA, Padenghe/I, Wilmington/USA and Amsterdam/NL coming, I now can contribute to the 'standards visualization' topic.