Ed Grevelt belongs undoubtedly to the group of well-known Dutch Afghan Hound judges which supported the high quality of the breed during so many years with their expert knowledge and their teaching skills to transfer all the particular qualities of this special sighthound breed into a clear, open and loving context for everybody who is concerned.

Ed Grevelt judged Afghan Hounds since 1976 and came in contact with the breed through the activities of his wife, a national and international well-known breeder, during 40 years, of the 'El Kharaman' Afghan Hounds. Her kennel was based on Afghans from the kennel of Eta Pauptit.

He has been a board member of several Dutch cynological organisations and had place in various committees. He was a long time member and president of the FCI-Commission for Sighthounds.

He is author of many articles, not only about Afghan Hounds but also on several cynological issues. He wrote a book about the origin of the breed and the first 80 years of the history of the breed in the Netherlands. Also from his hands came a book about every detail of the Afghan Hound which is a standard for every breeder, judge and interested lover of the breed. During the years he held enthusiastically visited lectures for a variety of Dutch Afghan Hound lovers.