Congress Topics & Timing


The Dutch AHWC-committee started working on the content of the congress program. It is our aim to offer a varied agenda covering 'was' and 'is' topics. Considering the statements of past congresses we will dedicate a fair portion of time on the SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis of the breed.
In the coming time we will, for your information, add foreseen and confirmed topics to the below list, timely resulting in a final congress agenda.

  • The congress opening speech will be given by Dutch author and columnist Ms Elfie Tromp who was surrounded by Afghan Hounds all of her live. She will take us into her vision about our passion for Afghan Hounds and the attraction to this extraordinary breed. Look also in the 'Speakers' section.
  • In 2000, during the Australian congress, we heard about the Taigan. Now, many years later, things changed. The Taigan is acknowledged by the German Kennel Club, has a standard and appears on shows. Jutta Rübesam from Germany will take us along her trips to Kirgizistan where she intensively encountered this cousin of the Afghan Hound. She will then do some border hopping and end her presentation with a photo journey of present-day native Afghan Hounds.
  • We foresee presentations about a few famous 'pioneer' kennels in the Netherlands and Germany.
  • Short topics about nutrition and specific Afghan Hound health issues are planned.
  • An 'Open Forum' will be plenary held. The congress committee will present the audience the brainstorm results of the SWOT analysis and will thereafter open the floor for discussions.
  • Of course will breed specific features have their place on the agenda.
    More details to follow.