Welcome to the homepage of the Dutch Afghan Hound World Congress

The 10th Afghan Hound World Congress is coming closer. On August 7 & 8, an audience coming from 22 different countries, will be submerged in various aspects of our wonderful breed.

Due to a few reasons, the initial program had to be altered a little but the value through the substitute or added presentations, as far as we can judge, increased.

The congress committee, whilst writing this text on July 28, is still busy to finalize the little things which pop up left and right but confident to present the congress participants the foreseen view on the breed from the early days until the present. A look to the future, very important, will also have a place.

What will be more pleasant than talk about the breed for a couple of days, foster the social relations and thereafter see our dogs alive? Quite a number of congress participants will visit the shows after the congress, be it the 'Benelux Winner', the European Sighthound Show or the World Dog Show or all; what a combination!

The congress committee warmly welcomes all congress members August 7 noon time, for lunch, meet & greet as the congress starting point and is looking forward to meet you during this global Afghan Hound event.